David Blattel is an award winning illustrative photographer with a career spanning over twenty years, specializing in studio and location photography for the advertising and design industries, his prestigious corporate clients includes Disney, St. Jude Medical, and Harley-Davidson, among many others.

David's love affair with the 4x5 view camera, with its special ability to control and distort perspectives and focus, began shortly after his enrollment in the Los Angeles Trade Technical College. As he experimented with multiple exposures, his fondness for creating humorous and compelling images began its evolution. Honing his skills while working alongside top photographers during the early years led to his own unique style and mastery of his art.

Following a diverse and successful career path, including exciting free fall sky diving and stunt photography, David's credits have appeared in feature film, high profile commercials and network and cable programs. These experiences led to DavidŐs innovative designs for helmet cameras and hardware for filming skydiving, skiing and motorcycling film sequences. His experience as a licensed pilot and NAUI certified scuba diver has expanded these opportunities.

Among his many professional talents, David's creative expression also explores multiple image photography. This has produced a dazzling array of camera and darkroom images before computer technology provided the tools to expand his artistry beyond the physical world. Through multiple imaging, David has produced visual works stretching photography into new and evolving dimensions. Now his photographic work is limited only by what his mind can conceive.

David has received the prestigious Key Art Award form the Hollywood Reporter for his work with movie posters. He also is the recipient of the Belding Award given by the Advertising Club of Los Angeles for photography in a direct advertising campaign. His work has been selected by creative directors from top national advertising agencies as the best expression of their clients' products and professional image.